My Body

Okay, so here is the secret only few know about me. I hate about 40% of my body. I hate the fat under my arms, the lower fat on my belly, my love handles “roll my eyes”. I have gained significant weight over the pass 3 years. I blame the fact that I live on my own and as a full time college student on a very tight budget the cheapest foods are the most unhealthy and that and cola cola’s are what keep me surviving university life. I can admit that I am to blame because after started UNI I stopped being active in sports and activities I was all about the books. I can admit that I let it get out of hand to the point where I am very sensitive and self-conscious about my weight. 


While I hate particular parts of my body, i can point out part I do love such as my eyes, my twins 😊 and my butt also my legs and skin. 

I may hate my body, but I love myself so I am trying to be more active in my life and eat better but it is a constant struggle. Sometimes I feel like eating to the point of never stopping, sometime I just can not bring myself to eat at all and sometimes I feel like eating just right. The most important thing that I try to remember is that I am young and I am trying and at the end of the day that’s all my body needs me to keep doing, trying


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