When we protest about black lives matter and police brutality we are not purposely trying to cause the rest of the world pain. We are not saying that your live doesn’t matter, we are not saying we are anti-police we are saying we as a people are feeling attacked and it must be acknowledged and address so we can have fairness and peace.

Some say that it makes them uncomfortable, that we are causing trouble but all we are doing is expressing the hurt, frustration and anger we have bottle up for years.

We are protesting that fact that we are pushed down by not only the rest of the world but even some of our own because of the system. The system has divided a once great race. The system has beaten, stomped and continuously trampled on a once amazing race. A race that embraced it neighbours, a race that loved and took pride in it self. We are protesting for a better life for ourselves but more importantly a better life for our children and their children. I am one of those young members of the black race that feels kicked down, ran over, and just basically like yesterdays trash.

We are protesting a system that traps the good and amazing cops. That cost them everything if they speak out against the type of police men that are tainting this nobel job.

We are protesting against the tactics used against human beings in police custody.

We are protesting because the police men or women responsable  are never held accountable for the deaths or damage they leave behind.

We are protesting because justice does not mean a trial, a trial where we know that the officers will be freed.

We are protesting because we want prevention, not a trial, not a funeral, not a protest. We want the system reformed. We want a more rigorous screening process for officers joining the force.

We want them educated in the basic psychology of human behavior.

We want them to be held accountable when they break the rules, when they break the law.

We want fairness, we want justice, we want peace, we want change.

On till we get fairness and justice they will be no peace.